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Variety of surface modifications

FG beads® can capture a variety of substances, including chemicals (drugs), proteins, and DNA. From the 13 types of FG beads®, select the type with the optimal surface modification according to the functional group of the substance you want to bind. Because FG beads® are resistant to various organic solvents, they are able to bind a variety of ligands. (Avoid using streptavidin beads or other protein-binding FG beads® in organic solvents.) The beads with ligands immobilized can be used for affinity purification of the target biological substance.
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The surface of the FG beads® contains a molecular chain known as a "linker". Ordinarily, when the molecular weight of the target substance was larger than the ligand, or when the ligand receptor was located inside the target substance, steric hindrance could significantly reduce the affinity purification efficiency. Because the ligand is immobilized on the FG beads® via the linker, this problem can be avoided.