NHS beads

NHS beads

NHS beads can easily immobilize compounds, antibodies or proteins with NH2 groups directly on the beads.
NHS beads are easier to operate than COOH beads and are the most used beads. NHS beads are used in a wide range of applications such as chemical biology, immunoprecipitation and cell isolation.

NHS beads

Protein A beads

Magnetic beads

The lineup of this product is only regular FG beads.

Beads FG beads
Code TAS8848N1141
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Storage conditions -30℃
Storage buffer Isopropyl alcohol
Magnetization Superparamagnetism (≧10 emu/g)
Size of beads 180±30 nm
Concentration 20 mg/ml
Functional groups Succinimide group
Amounts of the functional groups Approx. 250 nmol/mg of beads
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