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Immobilization of proteins

Proteins can be immobilized to NHS beads. NHS beads are beads where the COOH groups on the surface have been activated by succinimide. A reaction is produced easily by mixing these beads with a substance that contains NH2 groups in order to create protein-immobilizing beads, without any additives or special pretreatment. When proteins are mixed with the NHS beads, the NH2 radicals which possess protein lysine residue form amide bonds with the activated COOH groups on the surface of the FG beads®. If NHS groups which have not bonded with proteins are present, the succinimide in the solution separates and the COOH groups are exposed to the surface, causing the surface of the beads to become charged and resulting in electrostatic protein adsorption. It is therefore necessary to use aminoethanol to perform masking of the remaining NHS groups.

105Immobilization of Antibodies or Proteins on NHS beads

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