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Immobilization to Streptavidin beads

Biotin-labeled compounds can be immobilized on streptavidin beads. However when performing affinity purification of a target protein using streptavidin beads to which the compound has been immobilized, it is necessary to insert an approximately 30 Å spacer between the biotin and the compound. (If 20 Å or less, it becomes more likely that steric hindrance will prevent the target protein from being successfully screened.) In the same way as with NHS beads, the binding reaction does not require any special additive or pretreatment. Simply mix the streptavidin beads and biotin-labeled compound under mild conditions (such as a PBS buffer) and cause them to react in order to produce the binding reaction.

108Immobilization of biotinylated molecule on Streptavidin beads and NeutrAvidin beads

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