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What are FG beads?

NHS beads

We can use NHS beads in wide application such as the chemical biology or cell separation.

Compounds with NH2 groups are immobilized on COOH beads by covalent bond easily. Therefore we can purify target protein at high purity from samples such as the cell extract. And, because antibodies or proteins with NH2 groups are immobilized easily, we can use it for immunoprecipitation and cell separation.

Product information

Product Number TAS8848 N1141
Storage temperature -30℃
Storage buffer Isopropyl alcohol
Magnetization superparamagnetism(>10 emu/g)
Size of beads 180 nm±30 nm
Concentraition 20 mg/ml
Functional groups NHS groups
Amounts of the functional groups 200-300 nmol/mg


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