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What are FG beads?

NeutrAvidinTM beads

Avidin-like beads with almost no non-specific adsorption.

Biotinylated compounds and biotin-labeled antibody or DNA can be immobolized on NeutrAvidin beads, and we can use it in wide application.

Product information

Product number TAS8848 N1171
Storage temperature 4℃(2~8℃)(Don't freeze)
Storage buffer 10mM HEPES(pH7.9), 50mM KCl, 1mM EDTA, 10%glycerol
Magnetization superparamagnetism(>10 emu/g))
Size of beads 180 nm±30 nm
Concentraitions 20 mg/ml
Functional group NeutrAvidin
Capacity >1.5 ug biotinylated BSA/mg of beads


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