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FG beads

 Product Name   Pruduct Number 
Plain beads TAS8848N1010 
Linker beads(Epoxy beads) TAS8848N1110 
OH beads TAS8848N1120 
NH2 beads TAS8848N1130 
COOH beads TAS8848N1140 
NHS beads TAS8848N1141 
Ts beads TAS8848N1150 
Azide beads TAS8848N1160  
Alkyne beads  TAS8848N1161
Streptavidin beads TAS8848N1170  
NeutrAvidinTM beads TAS8848N1171  
Protein A beads TAS8848N1172  
Protein G beads TAS8848N1173 

NeutrAvidin™ is a trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. and its subsidiaries

Magnet Stand

for 1.5ml tube, 8samples   TAB4899N12 
for 15ml tube, 2samples  TAB4899N20 
for 50ml tube, 2samples   TAB4899N30 
for PCR tube, 16samples   TAB4899N41 


MTX derivatives   TAS8849N101
Contracted services    

FF beads/FS beads is here

Please contact the following, such as price and size.
North America
Nacalai USA, Inc.
Address:10225 Barnes Canyon Rd., Suite A103 San Diego, CA 92121, USA
Phone:(858) 404-0403
Fax:(858) 404-0408

Europe, Asia, and other countries
Tamagawa trading Co., LTD. Overseas Sales Department
Address:1-3-1 Haba-cho, Iida, Nagano Pref. 395-0063 Japan

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