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Contracted services

  • Contracted analysis services

    We offer contracted analysis services for individual steps or all steps of chemical design, immobilization of ligands, affinity purification, and identification of target proteins. We also perform comparison testing using different types of beads.

  • Service Flow for Immobilization and Target Identification of Compound.

    Download detailed information from the following.

1.Consultation, Design and synthesis your compound for the immobilization on certain FG beads®.
Discuss the possibility of immobilization and the necessary modification of your compound
. Master service provider agreement is required when we perfome the services.
Please download the template
, and check the contents.

If your compound is necessary to modify/add extra functional group, design the compound modification based on structure and SAR study. And, we also help the synthesis of derivatives with third party.

2.Immobilization on FG beads®
Immobilize the compound on certain FG beads®.

3.Affinity purification of binding protein(s)
Optimize of experimental condition.

4.Find specific target protein(s)
Isolate highly specific band by competition and drug elution.

5.Identification of target protein(s)
Identify target protein(s) by Mass-Spectrometry. We help the analysis with third party.

* We will charge additional fee for set and extra beads when experiment
was not made. We will report and ask you in advance before next experiment is necessary.
** We will charge additional fee for set until finding the best condition.

Actual quote will be provided after the disclosure of compound structure and SAR study information.