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Screening Equipment

The "Target Angler" series of automated screening systems accurately reproduces the process of screening using FG beads®.
This system efficiently performs the process for binding the ligand and target substance, the washing process to remove substances other than the bound substance, and the elution process to separate the bound substance and the FG beads®, making it possible to acquire the bound substance at a high level of purity.
The use of this system reduces the work involved in screening tests. It also provides better reproducibility compared with manual tests, and prevents contamination by substances such as keratin.

Pruduct number :TAB4547N81


● Specifications
Holds 8×1.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes (Max)
Capacity 1-8 tubes simultaneous parallel processing
Processing scale 20~200 μL
Temperature range 4~37℃
Processing time Optional binding time + 60 minutes
Dimentions(mm) 345(W) x 375(H) x 435(D)
Weight(kg) 25
Power supply 100-240 V、50/60 Hz、400W
Software CD-ROM(OS:Windows7)
Recommended system requirements Temperature:15~25℃, HUmidity:80% or less