Chemical Biology

Using the “chemical pull-down method,” which is a method for purifying target proteins using FG beads immobilized with a drug as a ligand, we analyze the functions and reaction mechanisms of molecules in vivo at the molecular level. FG beads are best at chemical biology because they can immobilize various kinds of compounds and have very little non-specific adsorption.

STEP 01Select a Purification Method

Do you know the structure-activity relationship of compounds?

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The active site of the compound is clear

The site “1” and site “2” of the compound involve to the activity and are inactivated by immobilization on FG beads, so immobilization at the site “3” is required.

The active site of the compound is clear.

Direct method

After immobilizing the compound (drug) on the FG beads, the target protein is recovered (bound).

Direct method
  • Direct method
  • Direct method
  • Direct method

Indirect method

After binding the compound (drug) and the target protein, the complex of “compound + target protein” is recovered by FG beads. It is necessary to introduce azide, alkyne, biotin, tag, etc.

Indirect method
  • Indirect method
  • Indirect method
  • Indirect method

STEP 02Select the FG beads to Use

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    Experiments will not work if the amount of compound immobilization is high or low. First of all, it is important to carry out experiments with the amount of preparation under 4 conditions and find the optimum immobilization conditions for each compound.


    Point 2

    By performing competitive inhibition and drug elution, it is also possible to narrow down the binding protein band and evaluate the specificity of the binding protein.

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