Established in 1938, Tamagawa Seiki has been manufacturing and selling products in the industrial, aeronautical, space, and defense industries with a focus on precision machinery such as high-precision sensors, motors, and gyros. Since its founding, we have challenged various technologies required in that era, participated in NEDO’s (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) ” Screening Project Using Nanoparticles ” in 2003, and established the manufacturing technology of magnetic beads “FG beads”.


Foundation of Tamagawa Seiki Co., Ltd.
First manufacturing of a nucleic acid extractor as an OEM product, which is a device that uses magnetic beads.
Participation in NEDO’s ” Screening Project Using Nanoparticles ” led by Professor Hiroshi Handa of the Graduate School of Life Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and development of a screening automation device for drug discovery research. This device uses magnetic beads “FG beads” developed at Tokyo Institute of Technology. With the project as a trigger, a joint research on FG beads with Professor Handa was started.
FG beads with Professor Handa was started
Establishment of “Tokyo Bio R&D Center” in Tokyo Tech Yokohama Venture Plaza (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture).

Starting sales of FG beads and screening device “Target Angler”.

  • FG beadsFG beads
  • Target AnglerTarget Angler
Starting to sell Magnet stands
“Tokyo Bio R&D Center“ is renamed into “Biotronics Laboratory”.
Establishment of “Biotronics Research Institute Matsumoto Branch Office” in Shinshu University, Shinshu Regional Technology Medical Development Center (Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture). Start of a contracted service for experiments such as immobilization of ligands (drugs, proteins) on FG beads and purification of target proteins.
Relocation of “Biotronics Laboratory” from Tokyo Tech Yokohama Venture Plaza to the head office (Iida City, Nagano Prefecture).
Established “Biotronics Laboratory Tokyo Branch Office” in Tokyo Office (Ota-ku, Tokyo).
Starting to sell fluorescent beads “FF beads” and “FS beads“.
FF beads
“Biotronics Laboratory Matsumoto Branch Office” is integrated into the head office.
Starting to sell buffers.
Begin of sales of highly magnetically responsive beads “HM beads“.
“Biotronics Laboratory Tokyo Branch Office” is integrated into the head office and renamed from “Biotronics Laboratory” to “Third Plant Production Department”.

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