Research papers using FG beads were published.

1) Muna Al-Habsi et al. SCIENCE 28 Oct 2022 Vol 378, Issue 6618
Spermidine activates mitochondrial trifunctional protein and improves antitumor immunity in mice
2) Kamiya et al. Nature Communications volume 13, Article number: 166 (2022)
Targeting necroptosis in muscle fibers ameliorates inflammatory myopathies
3) Matsuda et al. iScience 25, 105324, November 18, 2022
Efficient antigen delivery by dendritic cell-targeting peptide via nucleolin confers superior vaccine effects in mice
4) Kimura et al.Translational Vision Science & Technology June 2022, Vol.11, 7
Microvolume Analysis of Aflibercept in Aqueous Humor Using Mass Spectrometry