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Identification examples

(1) Search for target protein of Thalidomide (elucidation of the teratogenic mechanism)

CRBN (Cereblon) and DDB1 are isolated from human cell extract by using thalidomide-immobilized beads. As a result, the teratogenic mechanism of thalidomide was elucidated.

(2) Purification of target proteins of Capsaicin

Prohibitin1 and Prohibitin2 are isolated from human myeloid leukemia NB4 cell extract by using capsaicin derivative (Cap-NH2) fixed beads. As a result, the apoptosis induction mechanism of capsaicin was elucidated.

(3) Purification of novel target protein of MTX (methotrexate)

When MTX is fixed via different site, a novel protein is purified and identified as deoxycytidine kinase (dCK). As a result, a possible mechanism of synergistic effect between MTX and ara-C on malignant lymphoma was proposed.

(4) Elucidation of the mechanism of enteropathogenic E. coli infection

EspB is a protein of entropathogenic E. coli(EPEC) essential for infection in humans. Myosin is isolated from human cell extract by using EspB-immobilized beads. As a result, the mechanism of EPEC infection was elucidated.